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More than 70 Metro police officers will be on the streets on Saturday afternoon to assist the traffic flow of Tennessee State University football fans

Nashville, TN – According to the police officials, the fans will be arriving for this year’s 5 p.m. homecoming game against Bethune-Cookman University. The same traffic plan that is used for NFL games will be in effect. TSU homecoming traditionally draws the school’s largest football attendance of the year. Fans are urged to arrive at the stadium early. Nissan Stadium parking lots open as early as 7 a.m. for this game. Certain lots have been designated as gameday debit card/credit card parking ($30 per vehicle).

Rideshare Plan for Nissan Stadium (Uber and Lyft)

Ingress: Drivers will access Crutcher St. from either S. 2nd Street or S. 5th Street. Fans are encouraged to proceed on foot from Crutcher St. to the intersection of S. 2nd Street and Shelby Avenue for safe crossing to the stadium.

Egress: Drivers will take S. 5th Street to Crutcher Street, turn right and proceed west toward S. 2nd Street. Rideshare pickup will be at the end of Crutcher Street.

Homecoming Parade

TSU’s Saturday homecoming festivities begin at 9 a.m. with the annual parade, which will travel west on Jefferson Street from 14th Avenue to the university campus. The parade will feature the TSU Aristocrat of Bands, floats and a number of high school bands.

In preparation for the parade and its staging, Jefferson Street from 10th Avenue North to the TSU campus will begin closing at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The I-40 west exit ramp at Jefferson Street will close at 8:30 a.m. In addition, the following closures will be in effect:

  • John A. Merritt Boulevard from 28th to 33rd Avenues
  • 12th Avenue from Jefferson Street to Herman Street
  • 14th Avenue from Jefferson Street to Herman Street
  • 16th Avenue from Jefferson Street to Herman Street
  • Meharry Boulevard between 12th and 16th Avenues
  • Phillips Street between 12th and 16th Avenues
  • Jackson Street between 12th and 16th Avenues
  • Ireland Street between 12th and 16th Avenues
  • Scovel Street between 23rd and 28th Avenues
  • Beasley Street between 23rd and 28th Avenues
  • Ed Temple Boulevard between Dr. Walter S. Davis Boulevard & Albion Street

Arriving early is the key to fully enjoying TSU’s homecoming parade Saturday morning and the football game Saturday afternoon.