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Mom faințed when she saw her two-headed baby, then docțors did the unthinkable!

Doctors faced a staggering 50 million to one odds when confronted with an unprecedented medical challenge at the Children’s Hospital. Ximena and Scarlett, born to parents Xlmena and Scarlett, arrived fused from the navel downward, sharing separate lower limbs. Their triplet sister, Catalina, experienced a normal birth. The extraordinary bond between the twins extended beyond skin-deep, with a shared colon and half of their uterus on each side, and a peculiar kidney-bladder connection requiring surgical rerouting.

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Patel led a multidisciplinary team encompassing specialists in pediatric surgery, urology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics. Dr. Hopkins, alongside Dr. Dimas, spearheaded the intricate plastic surgery required pre- and post-operation. Leveraging his expertise and knowledge of 3D Systems, Dr. Hopkins played a pivotal role in the case’s management. Planning spanned several months as the medical team meticulously analyzed shared anatomy, devising strategies to safely separate the infants and realign vital organs, skin, bones, muscles, and tissue to ensure each girl’s survival post-surgery.

Following the groundbreaking operation, the twins underwent a brief stint in intensive care before being discharged around their first birthday. Regular check-ups and physical therapy sessions overseen by Dr. Patel and Dr. Hopkins track their progress. Recently, the twins commemorated the remarkable 7th anniversary of their groundbreaking surgery.

Joined at the pelvis, the twins underwent separation surgery 11 months after birth, originally conceived as triplets. Their sister continues to thrive. A dedicated team of 45 healthcare professionals spent months preparing for their surgery, underscoring the ongoing specialized care they will receive as they navigate life, fostering a lifelong relationship with their dedicated medical team.

[Featured Image: Twins Ximena and Scarlett]