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Mom, boyfriend and his wife tortured the mother’s 3-year-old boy to death, the death penaIty is too kind after what they did to the chiId!

According to the court documents, the chiId’s mom, JiIIian, her 25-year-old boyfriend, Gary, and his wife, Amber, were all facing charges after the disturbing and teriible thing they did to the woman’s child. The boy’s brother reportedly told investigators exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, once you hear what they did to the child over the course of three days, the death penalty is too kind. The little boy, Scotty, was just 3 years old when he met a tragic end at the hands of his own mother and her 25-year-old boyfriend, all while Gary’s wife watched.

After the child suffered days of t0rture before passing away, the three adults involved, who all lived together in a trailer park, were arrested for their part in the child’s death.

Prosecutors said that the 3-year-old boy was dead, and his little corpse was littered with bruises, lacerations, and puncture wounds.

The mother and her boyfriend then confessed to brutally t0rturing the boy, beating him with homemade weapons such as a whip, a curtain rod, and an aluminum strip.” Read the fuII story here▶.