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Metro Police announced the launch of the police department’s first-ever App, now available for free by searching Metro Nashville Police in either the App Store or Google Play

Nashville, TENNESSEE – According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the new App was developed in coordination with Apex Mobile and MNPD Information Technology staff.

The new App has many useful features, such as:

  • Direct access to Crime Stoppers for providing information about criminal suspects;
  • Residents can quickly determine the location of and receive information about their police precinct by entering an address;
  • Direct access to content on the MNPD’s primary Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube platforms;
  • Direct access to the MNPD’s media releases;
  • Direct access to the locations of vehicle crashes that may be slowing traffic;
  • Direct access to the department’s Data Dashboards that provide a great deal of MNPD statistical information;
  • Direct link to Hub Nashville, through which residents can receive information or express a concern about a myriad of issues;
  • Direct access to information about Victim Services;
  • Direct access to recognize an MNPD employee for outstanding work.

Metro Police Chief John Drake released the following statement:

“I’m excited that our new MNPD App provides a one-stop platform for Nashvillians to receive a wealth of information about their police department, including a guide on how to begin a law enforcement career with us. Also included are media releases concerning investigations in progress, data dashboards, crime maps, precinct locations and much more.”