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Men cut baby from womb, force mother to watch what they do to newborn!

Per reports, the unfortunate pregnant woman was not only captured and tortured, she was forced to have her baby ripped out from her womb. During the Women in the World Summit, the woman reportedly spoke of the terrifying torture she was subjected to during her time as a activist and interpreter. One story she told during the summit was one of her friend, who was unable to escape the group and was ultimately captured. 

While being held captive by ISIS militants in Iraq, the woman was forced to have her stomach sliced open and her baby ripped from the womb. “They ra-ed the baby, and they ra-ed her, ad they thought she was dead so they left her behind,” Pirali said, the New York Times reported. Her friend miraculously survived the horrific ordeal. At the summit, Pirali acted as a translator for Shireen, a woman who was taken kidnapped from her home by ISIS and held as slaves along with her family. 

“They captured me when we were running to the mountains,” Ibrahim said during her interview at the summit. She added that militants “did every bad thing they could do” to her.  “We are a people,” Pirali said at the summit on behalf of Yazidis in Iraq. “We are Yazidis and we’re not going to change our religion no matter what. My message is to save our people.” Many readers expressed their outrage at the woman’s story.

“More proof that the ideology of islam (NOT religion!) is incompatible with life in ANY normal civilized society or nation. It must be completely and permanently eliminated in America and every other civilized country in the world by any means necessary,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “It’s hard for me to even believe this to be true…. I cannot believe humanity could be that cruel. And people question us, as a country, doing anything at all to put a stop to these terrorist? We should have total license to wipe them off the map!” another added. 

“There should be no more tolerance..and to hell with islamophobia…anyone who does what they do, do not deserve to live…God will cast them all into hell. But it is just as big a sin to turn your head and look the other way when we can help rid places of these satan spawn. Doing nothing is not acceptable either. The people bringing these people in are just as satanic as the muslims performing these horrific acts, do not be fooled by all the BS spread…there is an agenda at work here, just read the bible and you will see all of it unfolding before your eyes,” another reader wrote.