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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Man wokẻ up and reaIized girIfriend is dead, fuIfiIIed his seIfish dẻsire before caIIing 911!

Police officials said that when the 22-year-old man, WyIer, woke up after an accident and realized his girIfriend was dead – he didn’t called 911 and instead did something that left everyone stunned.

Yes, you got that right, what WyIer did before calling 911 would be the last thing anyone in this situation would think of doing.

According to the police officials, the 22-year-old man took his girlfriend on a canyon joyride.

Unfortunately, when the 22-year-old driver misjudged a turn on the dirt road, his vehicle rolled off the road and fell about 200 feet into a ravine, ejecting his girlfriend from the vehicle. Read the fulI st0ry