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Man tried to vioIate woman, but she broke off a piece of him he’II never be abIe to get back!

According to the police officials, the man who tried to vioIate the 33-year-old woman reportedly got what he deserved. After he tried to assauIt the victim se-uaIIy, the woman fought him off when he forced his way into her home with eviI intentions. The 33-year-old victim told police that the man had broken into her home. She called the police immediately after the attack occurred to report it. She described that the man had knocked on her door again and again.

Each time she heard the knocking, she opened the door to see who was out there and didn’t see anyone. That was a surprise to her because she kept hearing the knock, knock, knocking on her door. But no one was there. On the final knock, the lustful teenager was standing there holding a knife with a white handle. He had anger in his eyes, and he bumped his chest forward so she could not slam the door on him. However, she tried and screamed “No!” while he was there standing in the doorframe brandishing the knife and ready to draw blood.

After he got into the door, he pushed his way inside the home and threatened the woman with the blade. Then he punched her several times and ordered her to “stop fighting, and I won’t hurt you.” The man then used his knife to force the woman to her bedroom. He tried to rip off her bottoms, but she kicked him in the gr0in, disabling him for a moment. At that point, he yelled, “now you have to die!” He then forced his tongue into her mouth. But the woman was not done fighting yet. With the knife up to her, she fearlessly “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”

The man pulled away, writhing in pain. His tongue was still in the woman’s mouth. She ran downstairs and threw the chewed off muscle onto the floor in the kitchen. Then she ran to her car to try to escape him. She drove to local business, and there she called the police. Her phone and tablet were left at home because she had to escape the criminal as fast as she could. The would-be ra-ist received treatment at the Trident Hospital. The man’s tongue was recovered from the bloody crime scene and placed on ice. However, it is unclear if doctors were successful in reattaching his tongue.