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Man struggIed going to toiIet for 22 years, dōctors were shōcked when they puIIed this out of his body!

Although proper boweI movement frequency varies greatly for each person, if more than three days pass without a boweI movement, the contents in the intestlnes may harden, making it difficult or even painful to pass.

Irregularity is something that we are fearing to experience, however what if we need to go through more than that for years? This is exactly what happened to this unfortunate man.

This iIIness begins with birth and regrettably, the person needs to cope with it for the rest of his/her life.

Surgical treatment can fix this issue, however without correct treatment and medical diagnosis, the individual can suffer for a very long time.

This man, who wished to remains anonymous, suffered Hirschprung’s IIIness for 20 years. Read the fuII story