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Man left in agony after ex-wife chopped off body parts and flushed them down the toilet, police screamed in disbelief when they realized why!

As we all know by now, cheating can destroy a marriage, shatter your ability to trust future partners and hurt your kids. Nobody likes to be cheated on, but this 58-hyear-old woman, Lee, who was so enraged with her husband’s betrayal, took revenge to a whole new level. Her 56-year-old husband, Chen, was left howling in pain after she chopped off b0dy parts before dousing them in acid and flushing them down the toilet!

Her husband had gone behind her back and cheated on her with another woman while they were still married. She was so upset by it that divorce didn’t satiate her anger. She drew a devious plan to seek vengeance even after they parted ways. Before the assault, the woman managed to seduce her ex-husband until she had him exactly in the position she wanted to execute her plan.

At the most unexpected moment, she brought out a pair of scissors and cut off his privates. She then allegedly flushed them down, according to The Sun. He told her cheating husband during the attack, “If I can’t have it, no one else can,” per reports. Right after the violent series of events, the woman tried to take her own life by overdosing on sleeping pills, whilst leaving the man with just 0.4 inches of his manhood left.

The brutal attack took place in a small town in China. The authorities from the local police station got a call from Chen who was howling in agony. He managed to lock himself up in the toilet, afraid that Lee would continue to hurt him. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found the woman unconscious from the pills. They rushed her and Chen to the hospital. Neighbours told reporters that the couple did not have any children and often argued. The police said they were waiting for the pair’s health to improve before taking written statements and formally charging and detaining Lee.