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lnmate on death row Ieft everyone sɦocked when he wɦispered his finaI words before he was ex̱ecuted!

According to the latest statistics, most people on death row are guilty. But, some people believe that doesn’t mean they deserve their fate. The 38-year-old death row inmate, Kenneth, had been living on death row for years when he was finally given an execution date.

But instead of uttering peaceful final words, he said something that stunned everyone in the room. His victims’ family members were present at the time of his execution and while they did not get the closure they wanted, his death helped them somewhat.

Per reports, the 38-year-old death row inmate was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Dominique.

He was set to be executed, along with three other inmates, in a span of eight days.

This decision came about because the state’s supply of lethal injection medicine would expire soon and they wanted to get on with several executions before that date passed. Read the fuII story▶