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How to talk to family about your decision to stay home on Thanksgiving

Thousands of Tennesseans are waiting for COVID results this week before making the decision on whether to go somewhere for Thanksgiving. If you decide to stay home, like so many other families have decided this year, breaking that news to your family can be difficult.

But therapist Cris Cannon says it’s important to be direct. Then, he says, you need to allow those family members a chance to vent. He says your next step here, is critical.

“Don’t start pulling out the COVID maps and talking about facts and figures, because that tends to enrage the conversation,” Cannon said.

And Cannon says, in this conversation it’s easy for family members to take things personally if they view COVID differently than you. He’s got advice for that, as well.

“Some people say, ‘Well, I guess you think because I’m going to restaurants or gone here or there, there’s something wrong with me.’ Again, you don’t respond to the other person, you take responsibility for your own feelings: ‘What this is about, is my concern over my health and your health and travel.’,” Cannon said.