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Her husband was dying but she refused to puII the pIug, months later the unexpected happened!

When DanieIIe and Matthew knew each other for eight weeks when they married. They loved each other above all else and could not wait to start planning their future together. Unfortunately, fate had other ideas. Just seven months after they were married, Matthew fell into a coma. Everything changed on a single hot, summer day when he could no longer breathe on his own. Doctors wanted to turn off the respirator, but then DanieIIe did something that produced a miracle. It was a terrible motorcycle accident that put Matt in the hospital.

The doctors found that the 22-year-old had broken several bones, injured internal organs, and had a traumatic brain injury. At the hospital, DanieIIe was told the words no one should ever have to hear: “Your husband will probably not wake up”. After lots of discussion and tests, doctors advised DanieIIe that Matthew’s life-sustaining treatment should be stopped. They were convinced that there was nothing else to be done. But DanieIIe refused to give up hope. “We didn’t really even have a chance to start our life together, and I didn’t want to give up,” said DanieIIe. Matt’s father died 2 years ago and his mother was too sick to take care of her son.

DanieIIe decided to bring Matthew home and take care of him 24 hours a day. She gave up everything — just to take care of her husband. Her refusal to give up hope would eventually be rewarded. After 3 months in a coma, the impossible happened: Matthew opened his eyes! DanieIIe realized that he was trying to say something, but he couldn’t get the words out. She kept asking him and suddenly she heard his husband burst out: “I’m trying!” DanieIIe couldn’t believe it: “It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!” But the journey back to a normal life was far from easy.

Matthew fought every day to get better, step by step. He had to re-learn everything from the beginning, even talking, standing, and walking. He still has trouble remembering things before the accident. His relationship with DanieIIe, their wedding — everything was gone. But Matthew is 100 percent sure: “I’m glad I married DanieIIe!”. Without her unconditional love, he wouldn’t be alive today. Today, Matthew is feeling better and can live a normal life. He can walk, talk, and ride a bike — he even does yoga. DanieIIe’s struggle for her husband’s life led to a miracle.