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Girl punished for using cellphone at the dinner table, ends up with painful permanent damage!

Blowing an air horn at an unsuspecting face is perceived as a prank or a joke. Ladies and gentlemen, this has to change in order to prevent what happened to this girl from repeating itself. Per reports, the 14-year-old student had her life changed permanently by an air horn blown by her friend’s stepfather during dinner with the family. The incident happened when the child picked up her phone to receive a call while waiting for food on the dinner table, her friend’s stepfather who saw this has been rude then decide on punishing her.

Immediately he blew the air horn on a face, Cindy began experiencing excruciating pain which continues for days before her mom rushed her to the emergency room. It was discovered she is suffering from a rare disorder known as Hyperacusis. Hyperacusis is due to a neurological or inner ear damage which is not curable. Everyday noise such as dog barking, sirens blaring, baby cry or people shouting that seems normal results in a burning and stabbing pain which take days to recover from.

This has resulted in a total turn around to the young lady as she is forced to step out of school and become a home-schooled student. The damage caused to Cindy health has totally affected her socially, just like the case of her 14th birthday where she requested to visit the aquarium, 20 minutes in the aquarium and she could bear the pain. This has extended to her inability to attend public school with another student, go to party, function or might even hinder her from getting a job later in life.

Cindy said she was very angry at first then sad after she discovered the total turn around in her life but now she is taking the situation a day at a time. Since one high pitched noise results in an hour debilitating agony and days to recover from prolonged noise, she now has no choice but to resort to noise blocking headphones and earpiece that produce white noise as a form of sound therapy which helps in minimizing the pain throughout each day. Cindy’s mother said she decided on taking no legal action.