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GirI drank mom’s meṯh-Iaced bong water, but what her family did after made maṯṯers even more slckening!

Authorities said the 5-year-old child, Sophia, reportedly died of a methamphetamine overdose after drinking a water mixture from her mother’s homemade bong.

Police officials also said that after drinking the water mixture, the girl told her mother it was ‘yucky.’

Her 26-year-old mother, Stephanie, realized what happened and didn’t called 911. Instead, she did something unbelievabIe.

During an interview with investigators, the mother said that after she lost her job for failing a drug test, she shared meth with her cousins, 27-year-old Daniel and 26-year-old Bertha, that very same day.

They continued to use drugs while driving to pick Sophia up from school but said they stopped when she got in the car. Read the fuII story▶