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Fully vaccinated major sportswear company manager claims he was fired for not complying with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate

According to reports, the 53-year-old manager, who is vaccinated, claims he was fired for refusing to upload proof of his vaccination status to a third-party verification service used by his employer. He claims he was let go from his job for not complying with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The 53-year-old man, Dex Briggs, said he was fired from his job as a marketing manager at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon last month for not complying with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to reports.

The 53-year-old man claims he was always willing to show his COVID-19 vaccine card to the sportswear giant. But, he became concerned when he realized the policy called for staffers to hand over their vaccine information to another company.

Dex Briggs reportedly said: I have my vaccination card. I’m quite willing to show you that. But I’m not willing to give my personal information to this (outside) company, and any other company they want to share it with, without even telling me who they are.”

The father of one said that he didn’t trust a third-party company with his personal information because he and his wife had previously been victims of identity theft. Briggs also mentioned that it’s frustrating that the sportswear giant had refused to recognize his actual vaccine card as proof of vaccination.

Briggs also said: “What are they trying to accomplish with this policy? That should be all that matters. Why is the policy so, I don’t know, so restrictive?”

The 53-year-old marketing manager had worked at Nike for more than 22 years, according to reports.

Nike announced that it would be requiring corporate employees to be vaccinated and employees who missed the deadline to verify their vaccination status started losing their jobs last month. 

The company has turned to third-party vaccine verifiers in a bid to offer digital verification of employees’ status. It remains unclear which firm is providing Nike with the service. It also remains unclear how many Nike employees were terminated as a result of the company’s vaccine mandate.