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Fòster mom showed 2-year-oId girI around home, then the chiId said 2 unfòrgettabIe words!

According to the foster mom, when she showed a 2-year-old child her home, she never thought it would become a ‘unfòrgettabIe moment’.

The foster mother, Jamie, has shared the story on her social media account, revealing that her time as a foster mother has been worth it after she learned that her new 2-year-old girl has already lived in four different homes throughout her short life. 

Although the child had only been in the foster care system for five months, she’d already been shipped around to multiple homes, denying her the stability she so desperately needed.

Although the toddler had already gotten used to life as a foster child, the foster mother wanted her to feel special now that she was with her.

When Jamie welcomed the girl to her home, she gave her a tour and showed her where everything was. Read the fuII stòry▷