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Father in ‘excellent health’ has died from COVID-19 after he was unable to get a booster shot in time for the holidays

The 55-year-old father has reportedly died from COVID-19, after he was unable to get the booster shot in time for the holidays. He was fully vaccinated and in excellent health, according to reports. Some recent studies show booster shots may offer potent protection against the omicron variant, even as the effectiveness of the initial doses fades over time.

The 55-year-old man from California, Greg Bourque, was reportedly found dead at his home, days after he tested positive for the virus after visiting family during the festive period. He leaves behind a 13-year-old son. Family members describe him as a dedicated father. Family is awaiting an autopsy to determine his cause of death.

Greg’s partner, Jen Fromme, said that he told her to stay at her mother’s house to avoid contracting the virus. The woman reportedly agreed to drive back the following day but was told the heartbreaking news of his death before she was able to do so.

Jen also said that Greg was a professional cyclist turned acupuncturist, who was compassionate and dedicated to healing. Describing him as in excellent health, her partner told her he was feeling terrible after contracting the virus. Bourque reportedly received the Pfizer vaccine in early spring.

According to reports, the woman also said that she and Greg decided to get the third dose of the vaccine before Christmas, But, unfortunately, when they tried several pharmacies they had run out of supplies.

The 55-year-old’s grieving partner is now urging people to get their booster shot as soon as possible.

Jen reportedly said:

“Looking back, I wish we would have gotten it sooner. This is scary business. Please get your vaccine and booster.”

A GoFundMe Page has been launched to help Jen financially, who is also waiting for an operation on her shoulder.

The fundraiser reads:

“A few days ago Greg was positive for COVID. Jen was away visiting her mom and had planned to drive back to help care for him. Greg assured her he was ok and she agreed to drive back the following day. The next day, Jen received a call from Greg’s son who said, “I won’t be here and neither will dad”. Jen asked what he was talking about and then heard the words nobody ever want to hear about their person, someone they love. Greg had passed, suddenly and at home.”