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East Nashville man’s car burglarized three times in a few short months

In only a few months, a man’s car has been targeted by burglars three times. The would-be thieves have never found anything valuable but they’ve left the man with hundreds in repairs.

“For these three incidents I’m probably close to $700 dollars in repairs for my car,” said Trey Tollison.

Tollison discovered his most recent break-in on Tuesday afternoon. He keeps his car parked at his apartment complex on Eastland Avenue.

He believes the burglars acted early Tuesday morning.

According to Metro Police’s latest Compstat data, burglaries in the East Precinct are up by almost 17 percent.

“From what I’ve talked to neighbors (about), they’ve had similar problems.” said Tollison.

On Thursday, Metro Police warned people to lock their car doors, sharing a video showing a group of people checking car door handles on Marlin Avenue near West Nashville.