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“Doctors told me Covid gave my placenta a virus”, Mother says that COVID-19 destroyed her pregnancy and now her baby daughter has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties

The unfortunate mother says that COVID destroyed her pregnancy and broken her family in half after contracting the virus during early stages of her pregnancy. The mom says she was not vaccinated when she caught COVID-19. “Doctors told me Covid gave my placenta a virus, therefore my baby wasn’t getting everything she needed from it. COVID is not just a cold or a flu, it broke my family in half and it destroyed my pregnancy. It’s such a serious thing that it has to be taken way more seriously.” the mother said.

Stacey Jones says she was rushed to the hospital on July 29, 2021, when her baby Sienna Dennett was born weighing just 1.9 lbs. According to her family, baby Sienna was delivered via an emergency C-section, three months prior to her expected due date, and was given a 60% chance of survival. 

The newborn then spent nearly 3 months in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Unfortunately, the baby suffered a grade four brain hemorrhage and now has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

During an interview with Daily Mail, Stacey Jones, reportedly said: What I have learned with COVID-19 it’s not just a virus, it absolutely breaks people’s lives to pieces- it shattered us. All my life I’ve always wanted a little girl, like, she’s the first born girl in my family. 

My partner’s dad has seven grandsons and my mum and dad have four grandsons so she was wanted so much. I really wanted to enjoy this pregnancy, it is my last one and when I found out it was a girl I was inconsolable with happiness.”

Stacey also said that she and her fiancé Greg contracted COVID-19 at the same time.

Stacey Jones also said: I was nearly 26 weeks pregnant and within half an hour I was rushed into an emergency C-section and she didn’t breath for four minutes – they had to work on her for a bit. I didn’t prepare for that kind of journey and when they told me I had to give birth. I thought no baby could make it that early and never knew the NICU world existed.”

Both parents and their newborn child spent nearly 3 months in the hospital.

The doctors told the parents that their baby suffered trauma while she was in the womb. Unfortunately, the baby had a grade four bleed to the brain and doctors advised the parents due to the damage, she will unfortunately face motoring issues on the left-hand side of her body.

Stacey Jones told Daily Mail: We sat down and were told she had a grade four brain hemorrhage, a substantial bleed by her ventricle so her brain was filling fluid daily and she wasn’t able to flush it through.

They said her outcome will be cerebral palsy and learning difficulties – so we need to just take every day as it comes. Sienna had her first brain surgery at just two weeks old.”

The parents said that their baby is now 8 months old and they have noticed the Cerebral palsy starting to kick in as her left arm is starting to become stiff. But, this doesn’t stop the parents from trying to give their daughter a normal life. 

Stacey Jones also said: “COVID is not just a cold or a flu, it broke my family in half and it destroyed my pregnancy. It’s such a serious thing that it has to be taken way more seriously. As soon as we were discharged from hospital I went and got my vaccine. I can’t stress enough that people need to get their vaccines because if I had mine, maybe the outcome wouldn’t have been so daunting.

Doctors told me Covid gave my placenta a virus, therefore Sienna wasn’t getting everything she needed from it. When my placenta went for testing, they said it was like cured, dried meat- just awful. I think people Covid is like the flu, but it attacks all the organs in your body. 

It needs to be taken way more seriously especially when you are pregnant. So many people around me were pregnant at the time and because of what happened to me, they got their jabs, because it frightened the life out of them and they went on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.”

Sienna’s father, Greg, has launched a fundraising page. “I am hoping to raise a minimum for my chosen charity, not only to help families who are in a similar situation to ours but also to help with the general costs for helping to charity continue to support families.” the GoFundMe Page wrote.