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Dad robbed daughter with fake gun, but what he told her after she asked him to stop made matters even more sickening!

Unfortunately, the 43-year-old dad, Michael, and his 18-year-old daughter, who was not identified, had a difficult relationship. But when she recently bumped into him, she felt he was acting completely normal and invited him to her apartment. The teen told investigators that she had a difficult relationship with her father and was taken away from him earlier because of his drug use. Recently, the daughter bumped into her father unexpectedly when she went out to meet her brother. “On arrival to meet him, she noticed her father had driven her brother to the meeting point,” said prosecutor Smith.

When the daughter saw their conversation going normally, she decided to invite her brother and father over to her apartment, where she lives along with her boyfriend in the UK. It was only when they all came back to her apartment when her 43-year-old father began acting differently. “Once inside, the defendant became abusive and aggressive, looking around and threatening to take items,” the prosecutor also said. “He went into her bedroom and slammed himself into the bed causing it to break. He also picked her laptop up and started swinging it around by the cable.” The daughter asked her father to stop, but he replied saying: “I’ll take it if I want to take it.”

At some point, Michael returned the laptop back to the bedroom but threatened his daughter by saying: “If I want to take something I’ll take it, you’re just a kid.” Michael’s aggressive and threatening behavior continued until he pulled out a handgun from his trousers and started waving it around. Pointing the gun at different things around him, Michael also said he wanted to kill himself. “Tell me what you want,” the daughter pleaded with him. Her father replied, “If you think this is bad, I’ll go get my real thing.” The daughter and her boyfriend were afraid but eventually realized that it was an imitation firearm that was in Michael’s hand. They tried to wrestle it out of his hands before finally calling the police.

That day, the father made it out of the apartment with a PlayStation 4 and a Dyson fan. He was arrested a few days later at his house. After the incident that took place, the daughter released a statement and said she felt shaken and scared. Her father’s behavior made her feel terrified, and now she is unable to sleep and feels unsafe in her own home. Michael was given a jail sentence of 15 months.