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Dad ravished 11-year-old daughter for hours before school, but what he did with coat hanger when she became pregnant with his baby made matters even more sickening!

In her book, ‘Who Will Believe You’, the unfortunate woman, Kim, said that when she grew up as a young teen, she always had two uniforms: one for school and one for her father, who plied her with alcohol and r-ped her for hours before she left for school in the morning. According to Kim, her father, Francis, started r-ping her when she was just 11 years old.  At the age of 15, the young teem became pregnant with his child and was pressured into a horrific DIY abortion.

“He told me I would be dissolved in acid if I ever told and that the only that would be left of would be my teeth,” said the now-52-year-old woman in her new book. According to Kim, her dad reportedly forced her to drink home-brewed beer and wine laced with pure alcohol which he took from the laboratories where he worked. The renowned microbiologist would routinely r-pe her before school, leading her to have two traumatic abortions. When she was 15 years old, and despite being forced to take the contraceptive pill, the young teem became pregnant and had to endure the harrowing ordeal of having an abortion in an African country where the procedure was illegal. 

When he estimated she was 12 weeks gone, her father told her to lie on her back while he put a coat hanger inside her to ‘poke the baby out’. “For the next 15 minutes, my father used a coat hanger and a torch to perform his DIY abortion. By the end of it I was in agony.” When that failed, he tried to suck out the f0etus using a bicycle pump, before eventually taking her to a doctor to arrange a termination. The following year, the young girl again fell pregnant, but this time her father wanted to keep the baby and live as a family.  “I had to have an abortion when I was 15 years old,” she says. I couldn’t believe it when I was pregnant again less than a year later. This time he wanted to keep the baby and play happy families.  “Having an abortion was traumatic, but there was no way I was going go through with his plan. A friend helped and he arranged an abortion.” 

When she was 21 years old, Kim met her husband, Jonathan, a meeting that would signal the end of the abuse.  She married him and went on to have a lasting married with two children and one grandchild. Her 82-year-old dad was finally brought to justice and was locked up for 20 years after a jury found him guilty of five offences of r-pe between 1979 and 1985. The pensioner initially denied any se-ual contact had ever taken place with his daughter when he was first questioned by officers after he was finally arrested. By the time of his trial he claimed that they had been in a consensual se-ual relationship when she was 17. Francis stood in the witness box and claimed his own daughter had seduced him. He also tried to claim he believed Kim was not his natural daughter.