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Dad made shocking discovery and was left terrified when his daughter says her bath is draining slow!

This brave dad, Shawn, loves his daughter very much, but has to admit she can be a handful at times. Recently, Shawn, who also posts content on TikTok platform, revealed that his daughter’s tub had started draining poorly, and it was up to him to figure out what was the problem. In the now-viral video, Shawn shows how he reaches into the drain to pull up the thing that is blocking it. As it turns out, the video has received such a massive turnout that it has been viewed by millions, liked by hundreds of thousands, and commented on by more than 6,600 individuals.

Shawn posted his viral TikTok video along with the following caption: “I can’t believe she let it get this bad!” The video was accompanied by on-video text that stated, “My daughter said her tub was draining slowly, so I decided to check it out.” And check it out, he did – much to the utter disgust of TikTok users across the globe. In the disturbing video, Shawn grabs ahold of something that is clogging the tub’s drain. He slowly pulls at it and pulls at it until it becomes clear that the blockage was from his daughter’s hair! After a minute, Shawn pulls a long clump of hair out of the drain and shows it to the camera. That thing must have been building up mass month after month for a long time for it to get as big as it was in the viral video.

Shawn’s daughter was totally unaware that her hair had been building up in the drain, but it has definitely taught her to be more careful with how she treats the bathroom. Thousands of people shared comments about the video footage. The following are a few from people across the entire world. Some commenters were simply amazed that so much hair had accumulated in the tub’s drain.

Others saw this as a teachable moment. “Parents, learn from this and stop letting your kids go through life with hair in the drain! Do not be afraid to teach them about good hygiene now because they will thank you later. Your future partner might thank me later for telling all of my friends and family members to always check the tub after someone takes a shower.”