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Cute baby sneaks up on his friend, but the husky’s reaction is making the video go viral!

An adorable interaction between a baby and a husky went viral. In the now viral video, the baby crawls toward the dog, attempting to touch its fur. The boy struggles to reach the husky, so he crawls further toward it. Just as the baby gets close enough to the dog, it rolls over onto its back and starts licking the boy’s face. The baby and the dog engage in playful wrestling, but the dog is always gentle and doesn’t overpower the child.

At one point, the baby puts his hands in the dog’s mouth and is met with a light nibble. The clip ends with the husky continuing to lick the baby’s face. Many readers said how amusing they found the clip. Others advised parents to be careful with their children around dogs, despite the playful video.

“Please be carefull,” one user commented. “I love dogs, I’m very protective of them. I have a dog, a mini maltezer. Very sweet, always wants to play loves visitors. But one day a 13-month-old girl was playing with him. The first 3 minutes all right. But I keep looking for the girl’s movements and sometimes holding the arm of her. But for a second I was distracted talking to the girl’s mother. At one time the girl had a sudden movement scared the dog and the dog bit the child.”

The user added: “I was very lucky because it was not serious and the girl’s mother wasn’t upset, she said okay because he saw was derived from the sudden movement. I am not in favor of dogs with babies or small children. These images are lovely but dangerous. Same dog being well educated, one day can go wrong. I hope not. TI hope that cute baby will grow safe.”