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Couple kept child as slave to perform love acts on them, but police made an even worse discovery!

Per reports, a couple has been arrested after repeatedly ‘indecently assaulting’ a girl who was younger than 14 years old and keeping her as a se* slave in their home, police said. The abuse started several years ago, police officials said. Lary and Alicia are accused of repeatedly ra-ing a girl that was younger than 14 at the time, sometimes even handcuffing and blindfolding her. “This couple had this girl as a se* slave,” said County Prosecutor Ben.

According to court documents, Lary would ra-e the girl while his wife watched. He also coerced the child to perform oral se* on him about three times a day. The abuse went on for more than a year. Police learned about the abuse after a friend of the victim alerted them. Prosecutors said that they are expecting additional charges to be filed against Lary for a second victim.

The 14-year-old reportedly knew the couple. Both Lary and Alicia reportedly admitted to having se-ual relations with the victim. They are both currently in police custody on $500,000 bonds. Lary has been charged with a total of 10 felonies, including five counts of statutory so-omy and another five counts of statutory ra-e. 

Alicia was charged with three counts of statutory so-omy.  If convicted on all charges, Lary could spend the rest of his life behind bars. His attorney has not responded to requests for comments, and no attorney was listed for Alicia.