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Chief John Drake announced that police coverage at Metro Schools for the upcoming school year that begins next Monday will be the highest ever, and will include elementary, middle and high school campuses

Nashville, TN – According to the police officials, beginning August 8, officers will be present and highly visible at all public elementary schools in an overtime capacity for several hours each day.

Campuses will also be regularly visited by on-duty officers, to include those at the precinct level or those in the Special Operations Division (including Traffic Unit and motorcycle officers).

A longer-term plan for elementary schools calls for the hiring of part-time Safety Ambassadors, who would be on campuses each day.

The Safety Ambassadors would be unarmed employees of Metro Schools.

They would be assigned a radio with a police frequency, and would work daily with MNPS security staff and, as necessary, MNPD officers.

Recently retired MNPD officers are being sent letters asking them to consider applying to be a Safety Ambassador.