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Baby girl was in huge danger, then her dog did the unthinkable!

It’s easy to forget sometimes that dogs are animals, prone to instinctual behavior and indifferent attitudes. As a result, it can be even more heartbreaking when an owner realizes their pet might not be the right fit for their household. Such was the case with Catherine, whose family had adopted a dog that had been abandoned by his previous owners.

She knew she needed to be careful when introducing a new animal to her children, but the dog appeared so loving and kind with her 17-month-old daughter that she let them play together in the garden. The lovely pooch, named Khan, had been beaten and starved by his previous owners to such an extent that putting him down had been discussed. The family were intent on taking him in though, and so adopted him. Then, merely four days after he had become a part of their family, he was involved in a truly shocking incident.

Catherine had allowed Khan to play in the garden with her daughter Charlotte, but the dog became suddenly aggressive and started pushing the little girl around the lawn. The horrified Catherine had no time to react, and watched on as Khan then took things further by lifting little Charlotte by her diaper and tossing her across the yard. Instantly, Catherine ran to her little girl. It was only then that she spotted why Khan had acted so aggressively.

There was a king brown snake in the grass that had jumped from beneath the house. Catherine realized that Khan had gotten Charlotte out of harm’s way the only way he knew how. The one-year-old escaped without injury, but the dog was bitten on the foot trying to save her life. The king brown snake is listed as one of Australia’s 10 most dangerous snakes, holding the record for the greatest venom output of any snake in the world, as per reports. Fortunately, Khan was able to receive an anti-venom shot in time, and so survived. It was a close call, however, with the pooch having collapsed after the ordeal.

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